Sun Yat-Sen (1866 - 1925)

  • The rest of mankind is the carving knife… while we are the fish and the meat.
- on colonialism in China
  • When we undertake a task, we should not falter from first to last until the task is accomplished; if we fail, we should not begrudge our lives as a sacrifice - this is what we mean by loyalty. The ancient teaching of loyalty meant sometimes death.
  • If the idea of revolution is to win out, it must be through political enlightenment. It is useless to try to impose it by force of arms.
  • Class war is not the cause of social progress; it is a disease developed in the course of social progress. The cause of the disease is the inability to subsist, and the result of the disease is war.
  • To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy.

Beatrix Potter

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