Mirza Ghalib (1797 - 1869)

  • In the deadly sweep
Of every wave,
A thousand dangers
Lie in wait.
  • I love her indifference;
For broader my outlook be
When I find the joy of my heart
So hid from me.
  • Flasks full of wine in the tavern show,
Few with love of wine to it did ever go;
So the more men in the world you find,
The fewer there are firm of will of mind.
  • Consumed by the agony of remembrance
The remembrance of night's festive company
The one remaining candle flickers and dies.
  • My race is run,
And the end has come
Of the mighty trail I blazed:
I hear the breakers roar below;
And curling mists, and a numbing
Cold are creeping up, steady
And sure of their helpless prey,
As from here there is no going back!
  • Where there is no ugliness, beauty could not shine
Bitter and sweet, beauty and ugliness are foils and necessary opposites.
  • Since sorrow follows joy
As autumn does the spring
Man must transcend the joys
Of earth, which sorrows bring.

Mary Shelley

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