Bhartrihari ( 7th Century )

Bhartrihari was a saint poet of India. He was, in fact, a legendary poet who is said to have disgusted from wife and life and became a mendicant. He wrote hundred stanzas on love called Sringar Shatak, hundred stanzas on values called Niti Shatak, and hundred stanzas on piety called Vairagya Shatak. He was a legendary king and was believed to be the elder brother of Vikramaditya, which is still unestablished.

  • What is the use of many idle speeches !
Only two things are worth a man's attention -
the youth of full-breasted women, prone to fresh pleasures,
and the forest.
- Shringara Shataka
  • For a moment man is a boy, for a moment a lovesick youth
for a moment bereft of wealth, for a moment in the height of prosperity ;
then at life's end with limbs worn out by old age and wrinkles adorning his face,
like an actor he retires behind the curtain of death.
- Sringar Shatak
  • Remembered she will bring remorse,
Seen she makes the mind unclear,
Touched she nearly drives one mad,
Why call such a creature dear ?
- Sringar Sataka
  • The pearl on my beloved's neck,
Afflicted sore the oyster !
  • Is there a heart that girls cannot subdue
when thy walk like swans, their bangles jingling,
Their girdles tinkling, their anklets jangling,
And their eyes like those of deer
Glance, frank but timid ?
- Sringar Sataka
  • There is no medicine to cure a fool!
  • Knowledge is wonderful and truth serene
But man in their service bleeds.
  • Let us keep a firm grip upon our money, for without it the
whole assembly of virtues are but as blades of grass.
- Niti Sataka
  • You may boldly take a gem from the jaws of a crocodile,
you may swim the ocean with its tossing wreath of waves,
you may wear an angry serpent like a flower in your hair,
but you will never satisfy a fool who's set in his opinions.

You may, if you squeeze hard enough, even get oil from sand,
thirsty, you may succeed in drinking the waters of the mirage,
perhaps, if you go far enough, you will find a rabbit's horn,
but you will never satisfy a fool who is set in his opinions!
- Niti Shataka
  • When I was ignorant in the dark night of passion,
I thought the world completely made of women,
but now my eyes are cleansed with the salve of wisdom,
and my clear vision sees only God in everything.
- Vairagya Shataka


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