Ptah Hotep ( c. 2300 BC)

Let us begin this pilgrimage from Ptah Hotep (c.2300 BC) the vizier (minister) in the court of a Egyptian king. It is more beneficial to do so because he was one of the earliest wise men of this earth whose some of the works are extant. We know him because of his wisdoms which are categorised as "Instructions of Ptah-Hotep". It is said that the instructions were for his son.

  • Wrong doing has never brought its undertaking to port.
  • Beware of covetousness, which is a malady, a disease incurable. Intimacy with it is impossible , it makes the sweet friend bitter, it alienates the trusted one from his master, it makes both father and mother mad , and it divorces a man's wife.
  • Let not thy heart be puffed up because of thy knowledge; do not be overconfident because thou are a wise man. Take counsel with the ignorant as well as the wise. The full limits of craftsmanship cannot be attained, and there is no craftsman equipped to his full ability.
  • Love thy wife as is fitting. Fill her belly; clothe her back; ointment is the prescription for her body. Make her heart glad as long as thou livest, for she is a profitable field for her lord.
  • Train thou thy son to be a docile man,
Whose wisdom is agreeable to the great;
Let him direct his mouth by what is said,
Docility his wisdom doth discover;
Conduct in him grows perfect day by day,
While error casts the unteachable away;
The ignorant and fool will be thrown over,
But knowledge shall lift up the scholar's head.
- On home education

Nefer Rohu

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