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Information is important, but knowledge is more important. However, these two are unable to lead us to the right path. These are, at best, two important tools.

The right path appears only when we apply wisdom. It tells us what to do at a particular situation, especially when there are more than one paths lying before us.

The question is how to get this wisdom ? There can be many answers.

This site can be helpful in only one way. One can find some of the important people and their sayings in this site. However, one will have to go step by step on this pilgrimage.

One can find good people and bad people. One can also find good saying and a bad one. Our aims and objects include acquainting our readers with both so that they can peer into the human mind throughout ages. It will help them to become wise than ever before.

Do not hesitate to start this pilgrimage. If you complete this journey, you will be a changed person for all the time to come.

Let us start it from the beginning. Let us start it from Ptah Hotep, the texts of whose writings are said to be the earliest. We are aware of the fact that some of the chapters of scriptures were written even before Ptah Hotep, but finally written down in later periods.

Anonymous wisdoms are also important for us to know which include proverbs.

How to write in this section

Please write a brief note of the person or works from which you want to put some wisdom as quotation, and then write it below. Do not forget to write the names of persons or works who were contemporary.

Start surfing this section from Ptah Hotep, Anonymous and proverbs.

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